About Us

Why We Do it

It Is the Supreme Art of the Teacher to Awaken Joy in Creative Expression and Knowledge. -Albert Einstein

At Xperience Science, we believe in helping kids of all ages discover a love for science that will last throughout their lives.

Current studies show that more and more students are graduating high school and university/college than ever before. However, the relative number of STEM majors graduating is decreasing, often due to lack of exposure early on in a student’s educational career. We at Xperience Science believe that future leaders in our country and the world need technical experience to be able to solve the world’s problems. 

In this spirit, Xperience Science was created to help children and adults learn more about science and engineering, how it can be fun and interesting, and how it can be applied to help solve some of the world’s biggest problems.

How We Do it

Xperience Science offers a variety of experiences in the fields of engineering, chemistry, physics, biology, geology, and astronomy. In short, there is something for everyone!

Interactive Exhibits

Xperience Science is dedicated to providing an exciting, interesting, and educational facility with numerous interactive exhibits. All these exhibits are open to everyone with admission. 

Some of these interactive exhibits include:

  • Shadow capture room
  • Giant bubble making
  • Geology water table
  • Giant chess set
  • Fire tornado creation
  • Many more!!!

Science Souvenir

At Xperience Science, we don’t want the learning to stop when you leave. That’s why we have designed dozens of experiments that not only teach science, but also produce a souvenir for each guest to take home!

These souvenir experiments include:

  • Distilling your own essential oils
  • Planting an isolated terrarium 
  • Growing ionic crystals
  • Digging for real Moroccan geodes
  •  Making a magnetic fluid
  • Many more!!!

Edible Science

What fun is a day out with no treat? Every guest has the option of participating in an edible experiment to finish the day of science with a delectable treat!

These edible experiments include:

  • Stirring up your own liquid nitrogen ice cream
  • Carbonating your own root beer with solid CO2
  • Insta-freezing a delicious metastable slushy
  • Many more!!!

Questions about what experiences we offer?